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Unplug yourself.


"Return to nature and recharge in a beautiful off grid retreat." 

Life can often seem like a constant stream of deadlines, phones ringing, inboxes filling up and social media chaos. No wander people are looking to relax and detach from their 9-5 (best case scenario) work life to escape to the wilderness. We are after all, primitive in nature and somewhere deep down all crave that connection to the elements.

Luckily, there is now a growing movement in people demanding this escape and with this demand, there are more and more opportunities to get away from it all and re charge in nature. Off grid holiday retreats are popping up all over the country offering getaways for couples and families to spend some time together and to focus on the things that matter.  

Image from  Koto

Image from Koto

Going "off grid" even if only for a short time is one of our ways to rebel against the system and say to ourselves enough of all the noise and chaos. Luckily, things have now moved to a point where architects and designers can offer this "off grid" rebellion but with a touch of sophistication, class and luxury.

Disconnecting from the modern world need not be wet clothes and sleepless nights in the cold. It is now possible to have the benefits of a digital detox in comfort and space. 

Here at Koto we are building our first range of tiny buildings to offer both on grid and off grid solutions. All our buildings are sustainably built and offer "Eco" retreat with luxury and comfort.

Drop us a line if you are interested in hearing more. 

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