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Koto - The Highlands


A series of shorts showcasing the people we work with and the places we go.

KOTO [KO-TO] The traditional Finnish word for ‘cosy at home’. 

It has been a busy weekend for Koto up in the majestic Scottish Highlands. We have driven more miles than we would like and savoured perhaps a few too many whiskies along the way. Sitting at Inverness airport hangovers in place we reflect upon this magical land, the sites we have visited and the clients we have met.  

It has been a 3 day whistle stop tour from Inverness in the North East to the Isle of Skye to the far West with plenty of stops in between sampling the beauty of Glen Coe and Glen Afric along the way. It has been a stark visual and sensory reminder of our time spent in Norway from the quality of light, the smell of pine and the ever changing and wondrous weather patterns. It is enough to make us miss what we called home for the last 10 years.

Image from  Richard Szwejkowski

The pace of life here is slower and the focus is outwards towards nature. You come here to walk, to climb, to ride and to be immersed in nature (midges and all.) These are the values Koto believe in and when you can, if you can you should pack your mac and your walking boots and climb a hill, swim in the Loch and perhaps (if you dare) eat some haggis. We did, no regrets.

Image from  Chris Ford

Image from Chris Ford

We are looking forward to sharing with you some of the projects we are developing up here so keep an eye out for some Koto cabins and homes up here soon. 

If you have a project in mind and feel that Koto could help then please drop us a line.
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