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The Beginning- Play Space.


"Playhouses for children and cabins for adults." 

So this is how it all began. A playhouse for our girls. Living in Norway for the past decade, traditional log cabins are visited fairly regularly and are owned by almost half the population of Norway. Weekends spent skiing or walking in nature are part of Norwegians culture and with the rugged coastline and stunning mountains, a weekend trip that left the modern world behind was a pastime we quickly fell in love with.

Johnathon, an architect, wanted to create a space for the girls that embodied the simplicity of the log cabin but with a modern design, a structure that we could also appreciate. A space that could be used for reading & play, a space that is left 'open' enough not to feel isolated,  but still connected (to us) and very much their own little play space.

Image from  Koto

Image from Koto

Moving back to the UK we realised that there is so much to learn from the Norwegian culture. The busy stresses of everyday life are so often continued at home, we're permanently 'plugged in if only to social media.

Image from  Koto

Image from Koto

We wanted to try to continue living a balanced life and so the idea of KOTO cabins came about. Beautiful cabins that embrace the simplicity of Norwegian living. A play space for big people. A place to be inspired by the beauty of the surroundings, where the absence of the constant urban noise are sure to help you find your inner calm.

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