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We do like to be beside the sea...


Small is Beautiful. 

We are excited to start work on our latest micro project. Planning has been granted to redesign and rebuild, (recycling where possible) a run-down, shabby old beach hut, bringing it back to life, Koto style.

Beach huts are cherished personal spaces that are often past down through generations. They are the essence of seaside nostalgia, painted in bright cheery colours, called cheery names, made for lazy summer days- sipping tea on a deckchair and watching the world go by.

Image from  The Scotsman

Image from The Scotsman

Located on the idyllic 'Promenade' in Westward Ho! With stunning views across the bay out to the ocean it's a perfect spot.

Image from  Koto

Image from Koto

This particular project will require innovative and space efficient design to cater for our disabled clients needs. 

We want to challenge the current aesthetic of the beach hut, whilst keeping the charm of the traditional form.

Image from  Daily Mail

Image from Daily Mail

Watch this space for updates.

If you are planning a cabin / hut project of your own, we'd love to hear from you. Send us a mail to

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